The Company

VERKON was founded in 1993 by individuals with a scientific background and education, as well as wide experience with the products made.

Its headquarters are in the city of Beroia Getting to the company is very simple, as it is about 100 metres from the junction of the New Thessaloniki Ring Road and Stratou Avenue. It develops its activities on its own open 7000m2 space , and in a covered area of 2000m2, where its machinery, equipment, warehouse for its products, and offices are kept.

It produces 30 products for all construction work, under strict quality control, with the most up-to-date production equipment in its class.

The rise of VERKON and the establishment of our products in the preferences of our continually increasing clientele, is due, first and foremost, to the superior quality of our materials, great variety, direct service and low prices. Our products are distributed throughout Greece, to large stores selling bathroom products, building supply merchants, paint-shops, businesses selling and installing insulation material etc.

VERKON's products are exported to most Balkan countries, also to Russia.