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product_table Product Reminder ΒΕΡΚΟΝ

Acrylic adhesive powder Adhesive in powder form Adhesive in powder form - grey Special elastic dry stucco Ready-to-use stucco in powder form Acrylic stucco in powder form Quick Setting Cement Instant Cement Non-shrinking Mortar Non-Shrinking Mortar Quick Setting Adhesive rubber resin. Emulsifier - Plasticizer Drying resin for concrete and mortar Cast Adhesive Removal Liquid that replaces lime Plastic paint white super, General use Plastic paint white extra, general use Acrylic Concrete Paint Acrylic Relief. Water Colour Paint in Paste Rust Prevention. Ripoline. Industrial Flooring Ballast Epoxy paint in two parts for floors. Decorative Plaster - Italian Style Ready Plaster Ready Admixture for the creation of Waterproof Plaster White pliable waterproofer, for walls and flat roofs. Waterproof Plaster Coating.